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A Simple Recipe For Shiitake Sauce, Delicious And Healthy

  • Fengjin
  • 2021-06-21
Speaking of mushroom sauce, we should not feel strange. When we don't want to cook, mushroom sauce with rice is a good choice. For the baby who gets up early to go to work, porridge can't always match with pickled vegetables. It's also good to replace it with mushroom sauce. It's nutritious than pickled vegetables, and it's safer and more hygienic to make it at home.
Mushroom sauce can be eaten with steamed bread and noodles, so we just need to cook some noodles and mix it with mushroom sauce. Isn't it very simple? Just need to do more in advance, when you want to eat, it's very convenient.
Prepare ingredients:
shiitake mushrooms, onions, garlic, bean paste, dried yellow sauce, peanuts, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce.

Production method:
In our market, it is generally divided into fresh shiitake mushrooms and dried shiitake mushrooms. When making shiitake mushroom sauce, we must use fresh shiitake mushrooms to make it. Never use those dried shiitake mushrooms to make it. Otherwise, the taste is not good. After preparing the fresh shiitake mushrooms, we clean the shiitake mushrooms. After cleaning, drain the water. After the water is drained, the shiitake mushrooms are cut into small cubes. Shiitake mushroom stems can also be simply processed, and then cut into cubes, because shiitake mushroom stems are also very delicious to eat, don't throw them away, otherwise it would be a waste of ingredients. Wait until it is cut and put it aside for later use. Then we prepare some onions and garlic, peel the onions and garlic leaves separately, clean them and chop them into fines, and put them aside for later use.
After that, we prepare some peanuts, and then soak the peanuts in water. When soaking, we must soak in advance. The soaking time should be at least two hours. After the peanuts are soaked, we use our hands to soak the peanuts. After rubbing it out, you can chop more peanuts and put them aside for later use. Then we can prepare a pot and put the pot on the fire. When the pot is heated, add the right amount of cooking oil. When making shiitake sauce, be sure to use hot pot and cold oil to make it. Otherwise, shiitake sauce is prone to sticking when it is boiled.
When the oil is heated to 50% hot, we first put the mushrooms in the pot for fragrant fry, wait until the surface of the mushrooms is deep-fried to golden brown, and then remove the oil control. Then we put the prepared minced onions in the pan for deep-frying. After the onions are fried until the surface is slightly yellow, pour the prepared minced garlic into the pan and deep-fry until the ingredients are all fried into golden brown. You can also remove the oil control, and finally put the peanuts in the pot. When the peanuts are fried to golden brown, remove the oil control for later use.
After that, we poured out half of the cooking oil in the pot, then added some bean paste to the pot, simmered the bean paste over a low heat, and made the red oil. After the aroma was released, the dried yellow paste was also placed in the pot slowly After cooking, we can pour the fried onions, peanuts, minced garlic and shiitake mushrooms into the pot at the end. Stir-fry evenly. When the stir-fry is even, add some light soy sauce and dark soy sauce to taste. After coloring, turn off the heat. After the shiitake mushroom sauce cools a little bit, put it in a jar and seal it, and then put it in the refrigerator. Save it and take it out anytime when you want to eat it. If you also like to eat shiitake mushroom sauce, don’t go out and buy it. Hurry up and try to make it at home. No additives are more healthy.
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